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          All data on Safecast comes from other sources and user contributions. Please consider the source and the possibility of significant inaccuracy when using this data.
          About Safecast

          The ongoing crisis in Japan has highlighted our collective need for trusted information. 188bet

          This site is not meant as a replacement for government or nuclear agencies. Our hope is that data sets from various places can provide additional context to the official statements in these rapidly changing events. We welcome your thoughts on how to improve the site, and appreciate your work to provide a richer understanding of these events. leovegas

          If you are a scientist or member of a government agency, and would like to contribute data in an official capacity, please contact us here. bumbet

          While we are gathering our own data, we want to recognize the efforts of others who are actively seeking, parsing and making data available for others to use.

        2. Pachube.com
        3. Marian Steinbach
        4. GeigerCrowd.net
        5. MEXT of Japan
        6. Radiation Crowdmap

        7. While this site is focused on providing unbiased data regarding the nuclear crisis, we do not wish to minimize the very real needs of people affected by these events. Please consider donating via the following organizations.

        10. UNICEF
        11. MERCY CORPS
        12. SECOND HARVEST
        13. Credits & Thanks
          We have been fortunate to have been introduced to a few really amazing people who have been willing to listen to our idea, put us in contact with others, and help make this project a reality In addition to these new colleagues, we have also been working closely with many old friends on this. Thank you to everyone who has helped out in any and every capacity.

          In alphabetical order

          Sean Bonner

          Ed Borden

          Jesse Conway

          Silke von Esenwein

          David Evans

          Pieter Franken


          Usman Haque

          Peter Hoffman

          Aaron Huslage

          Joi Ito

          Lisa Katayama

          Margaret Kendall

          Ivy Lin

          Jeremy Lind

          Megumi Minami

          Masataka Odaka

          Megan Parish

          Nick Parish

          Surj Patel

          Christina Perry

          Staci Bernard Roth

          Brad Rhodes

          Alexey Sidorenko

          Marian Steinbach

          Gregg Sullivan

          Rick Turoczy

          James Yaegashi


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